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Chapter 1: India @75 – The Imperative of State Capacity  

Section I: The Key Actors
Chapter 2: The Politicians’ Predicament
Chapter 3: The Bureaucracy’s Burden  

Section II: Building an Effective State
Chapter 4: Data and Outcome Measurement 
Chapter 5: Personnel Management 
Chapter 6: Public Finance: Expenditure 
Chapter 7: Public Finance: Revenue 
Chapter 8: Federalism and Decentralization
Chapter 9: The State and the Market 

Section III: Accelerating India’s Development
Chapter 10: Shifting the Preston Curve for Development
Chapter 11: Education and Skills
Chapter 12: Health and Nutrition 
Chapter 13: Police and Public Safety
Chapter 14: Courts and Justice
Chapter 15: Social Protection and Welfare
Chapter 16: Jobs, Productivity, and Economic Growth

Section IV: Making it Happen
Chapter 17: Reimagining Institutions
Chapter 18: State, Citizens, and Civil Society

Expanded Table of Contents
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